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Nichimada Bridge (“Nichi” for Japan and “Mada” for Madagascar) is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO), registered in Ohio (Reference), with a mission to help disadvantaged Malagasy children in their schooling needs and promote healthy habits for longevity and happy living for all.

The main objectives of NichiMada Bridge are:

  • To assist Malagasy Children that are disadvantaged in Education and

  • To promote healthy habit for longevity and happiness.

We believe that investing in children’s education contributes not only to their development but also to the future of their own country. We have seen many children in Madagascar that had to quit school earlier because of poverty. Nichimada Bridge is committed to help those disadvantaged Malagasy children in education.

If well supported, disadvantaged children can finish their schools and become future leaders. Intellectual ability of children can however be impacted by the financial situation of their parents. To help, our main activities include sending school kits and aids to Madagascar to support schooling of disadvantaged children. Nichimada Bridge is also working on creating an environment with equal opportunity in children’s education and youth development.

Eating healthy does not always mean consuming expensive and delicious food. Many healthy foods are accessible and not costly. Members of Nichimada are focusing their activities on teaching how to eat healthy and exercise properly to live better and for happy living.

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